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Play more games like Naruto Dating Sim in the Simulation and Girl gaming categories.This game has a rating of 83 out of 100 based on 6 user ratings.All Dressig fabrics are Aruto Aimé so cool display real like me. Pico SIM date Pico SIM date Help Pico so I is the future. Guide Pico Nee to his future wife, take a step so Pico Jr. Pico has 75 days to a movement o Nee Nee agree display must be on the Hazel at ED who go 75 days.Now, make good use of your charming ad mind of wi Nee heart. Kiddy play date Kiddy play date Get these children for their Playdate dressed!This is an RPG, or Role Playing Game, so you will take on the role of a kunoichi (female ninja) in Konoha (Leaf Village) and please enjoy!Charm : Sways customers at the flowershop affects flirt ability at 20, 40, 60 impresses everyone Intelligence : Nice to have while teaching children impresses sasuke Strength : Helps during missions your HP limit is doubled at 50 impresses Lee Chakra : Helps during missions your chakra limit increases at 20, 40, 60, 80 impresses Naturo Chakra is needed to answer questions, date, etc.Notice Naruto's facial expression changes as you dress him up.He might not be too happy about your choice of clothing.

Look not too conservative, but not too boring look!

Hp is needed to work, train, etc., and is lost when you upset someone.

At least 10 HP is necessary to answer questions and date, but it is not used Have Fun Mini Naruto dress up Mini Naruto dress up A Mii Aruto where the model girl Hiata, temari ad Sakura are Flash game.

With an evil smirk on her face, Sakura gets right to work!

Help Sakura dress up Naruto, be as nice or as funny as you like.

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