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The next step is deciding, as a couple, which is ‘your song’.

Stay with each other’s families It’s nerve-racking meeting your potential in-laws for the first time, but getting to the stage when you have to eat breakfast with them too underscores the seriousness of your relationship.

You decide what pampering yourself means to you, and go all out.

OK, this is totally not for everyone, but why not try it once?

Go to a vineyard over the weekend, or maybe do a two-day trip to another city and explore the sites.

Whatever it is, spending time with your best friends and getting to go somewhere new spontaneously is one of the greatest parts about being single.

Whatever it is, night's spent in with yourself, some TV, and a pint of cookie dough are a complete possibility. Trying a holistic approach to your health that allows you to cope with the stress of your day is always a good idea, and when you're completely focused on yourself, it's a possibility.

I love meditation because it allows me to be alone and work on clearing my mind from anything that is potentially bothering me.

Not only does being a single woman allow you to pay attention to yourself, you're free to experience the blissful independence that can come when you're completely unattached.If you can get the seal of approval from your partner’s parents, you’ve passed an important test.Go on an unplanned adventure Whether it’s an impromptu road trip or last-minute tickets to Rome, being spontaneous is one of the key elements of romance.I've been single for over four years, which is not only my decision but the way I prefer to be right now. ) I can fully recognize that living life as a single woman offers me a lot of the freedoms I need to grow as an individual and experience the things I want to do.Sure, a lot of these things you can do when you're in a relationship but they're also nice to take advantage of when you're only focus is you.

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