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“These morans are endowed with mighty ‘spears’ that allegedly do magic to these mzungu women. Only the Yoruba in Nigeria can rival them,” reveals the tipster, giving many examples, including the recent case in which a mzungu from Britain fell madly in love with a Maasai man and moved to his Olooshobor home, Kajiado County home as his second wife.

Uncharacteristically, the first wife welcomed her and approved of her relationship with her husband.

How is that different from a man buying a young girl dinner?

” Does the exploitation endemic in prostitution disappear when women are the buyers?

Rebekah O’Brien, the 26-year-old woman, fell for butcher Rempesa Ole Kirkoya, 40 when he and his Maasai warrior troupe went to perform in the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich in 2012.

In an interesting turn of events, Rebekah, a gym receptionist, fell out of love with her Maasai man who couldn’t speak a word of English whilst she knew no Swahili but only managed to converse with hand movements and facial expressions while pregnant.

Divorced, bored and out to fulfil strange sexual fantasies Apparently, when bored, divorced or single white women who are desperate for a naughty good time that no one will know about to judge them back at home where they are held in high esteem, they come to Kenya and other far flung parts of Africa. They stage-manage romantic affairs with the local studs whom they wine and dine while at it.

Dr wanjohi Kibicho, the author of , says, “These women are lonely.

She went back to her country but unfortunately, upon delivery the baby girl died sex weeks later.

Perhaps missing being ‘speared’ by her Maasai man, she came back.

Her destination was the Kenyan coast, one of the biggest holiday destination for tourists. He had a well chiselled body, nice long dreadlocks and sexy firm arms and legs like those of athletes,” she says about a beach boy who ‘confused her’.

One thing led to the other, with Jill throwing aside her inhibitions.

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