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Look really carefully and you can see that many Chinese ladies even airbrush their own snapshots – image is everything in China.

Personally I keep ladies who I want to marry, maybe go into business with or who could be useful translators should I want to meet a lady who doesn’t speak English (but beware the hazards of hiring a translator who still has feelings for you! Another bonus of We Chat is that you can visit her Moments. This is a sort of online facility that acts as a blog and photo album.Bear in mind, however, that many Chinese ladies can’t write much English, and even if they do, a lot of Chinese mobile phones make it difficult to write English on them.We Chat Mail also offers another way of staying in touch. It’s pretty good and works much the same way as the MSN webcam does.Chatting to girls is a good way to get to know them and decide if you want to visit them in person.You can tell a lot about a girl on We Chat, from her personality to her level of English.

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