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Ted Turner is the “sponsor” who financed the The Red Carpet Boutique Marlo had at the Perimeter mall in ATL.

Marlo knows how to get money, she’s a true hustler.” If you don’t know, Ted Turner is one of the wealthiest men in the world…

They were in a relationship when Leslie was still married to his former wife Nancy Wiesenfeld.

Nancy and Leslie eventually went on to have a divorce in 2004. She is a popular television personality, news anchor, and producer for CBS. Her grandfather was born in Penglai Village, Anxi County, Fujian, China.

Following up on the story is Atlanta’s Straight From The A blog, who learned from one their readers that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star may have another source of, ahem… Prior to living in Atlanta, Marlo was breaking the law all over Florida, the results of which garnered her a whopping SEVEN arrests! “She was dating a drug dealer back in 95, initials WM,” the source explains. Within the month he goes down- charged to the hilt.”“Probably because of previous plea deals and probation he got slammed.” Marlo’s supposed ex-boyfriend is still incarcerated!

“They were living together, had an argument and she tried to have him arrested for battery. After unceremoniously ending her relationship Marlo moved her money to Atlanta where she paid cash for her luxury townhome, which was shown in an episode from two weeks ago.

Elizabeth Dewberry was born in and is currently 57 years old. Ted Turner’s girlfriend is a Virgo and he is a Scorpio.If you recall Marlo had quite the extensive security system set up and if any of the above allegations are true, it would make sense why! According to Straight From The A, a “well-informed source” told the her about the deal Marlo negotiated to purchase her home. [Photo Credit: Straight From The A] The old Sheree courtesy of Ne Ne! Chen then married her husband Leslie Moonves on December 23, 2004, in Acapulco, Mexico among few family and friends. Chen became recognized as the host of Big Brother and The Talk. He was a polygamist who married nine wives and had eleven children. Furthermore, Chen started to work as an anchor at Morning News at CBS in 1999.Together, the couple has a son named Charlie Moonves. She also appeared as an anchor for The Early Show on CBS. She holds an American nationality and belongs to Chinese ethnicity. Julie then went on to join the University of Southern California and graduated in 1991. She likewise was an anchor for The Morning show on CBS.

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