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He used to be Soulja Boy but changed his name to Soulja Boy Tell Em due to a rapper already having the name Soulja Boy. Check out Materialistic B*tch by Trill Fam...first verse is the original Soulja Boy. Nothing because there is only one soulja boy and he is the best and no one can become soulja boy no one can change who he is so whoever put this question you cant do anything because soulja boy is soulja boy and you cant do anything do be him. Her name is Destiny Chante Way, she has his last name.

The victim reported that she and the suspect had been involved in an argument several hours earlier, and the argument had escalated to a physical confrontation.The male left the area after the confrontation and has not been located.This incident has been classified as abuse of a household member.Chyna’s new romance comes after police were called to her Hawaii hotel room last month, following claims of a “disturbance” between her and her then-boyfriend Kid Buu.Sources said at the time that Chyna scratched Kid Buu, and he is alleged to have then slammed her against a wall several times and choked her, prompting someone to call for emergency services.

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Take it from Blac Chyna, who is the latest celebrity to hop into a relationship this cuffing season. Soulja is also the guy that confused teen drama Apparently, Blac and Soulja got together last week and have been building on a foundation that started on Instagram and, later, in Sean Kingston's penthouse.

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