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Many mothers might not allow their daughters to watch some Keira Knightley films for exactly the same reason.

Keira has modeled for Asprey Diamonds in 2003, Lux (Japanese brand), American Library Association’s “Read” program, etc.

The shorts cover subjects such as Japan’s female divers, a soldier’s wife searching for her missing husband during the Battle of Waterloo, and a heroic matriarch trying to escape a government-decreed death sentence before her eightieth birthday.

She said she hoped the shorts would be a “calling card” for the aspiring film-makers, who will receive mentoring and guidance throughout the production process, which will then give the women a step up the ladder.

She continued: “People talk the talk but they are not actually employing the women to make films.

“I think it’s a culture thing and because people also see film as a high-risk industry, they go after the same people all the time.

She debuted with 1995 British-French thriller film Innocent Lies for her role as Young Celia.Kiera who loved Colette's musical Gigi claims she was born to play the role.Keira Knightley says she won’t let her daughter Disney films as they are not feminist enough.If you didn't already know that, your head has probably just exploded and you are no longer reading this post due to death.But I trust that you did know it, because is upon us and Jamie Dornan trivia isn't going to learn itself.

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