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Jessica's other ancestry includes English, German, Swiss-German, Scottish, and distant Welsh, Swedish, and French, roots.The episode had already been shot but Hampton was determined to have Biel back for one last time.It's such a gamble that everybody takes when you agree to do something.And sometimes you make a decision because you need to pay your rent, sometimes you make decisions because people are talking to you about "international value," and to do a movie that would do well internationally, even though it's not the right creative choice for you because if you can do that, then maybe you can do that small character piece that you really want to do.In 2010, Beals reunited with Denzel Washington in the post-apocalyptic action drama The Book of Eli, where she played a blind woman who is the mother of Mila Kunis' character and a consort of a local despot played by Gary Oldman.In 2017, the actress played the role of Samantha Kingston's mother, in the film version of Before I Fall.Along with Emile Hirsch, Isabel Lucas, musician Santigold, rapper Lupe Fiasco (and many others), she hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania on a benefit climb called "Summit on the Summit", to bring awareness and relief to the world's clean water crisis.[January 2010] Her first film role was "Regrettal", the blue girl who lived in a shoe, in the fairytale film, It's a Digital World (1994).

Many of Beals' elaborate dance moves were actually performed by dance double Marine Jahan.In 2012, Jessica married actor and singer Justin Timberlake. Jessica's paternal great-grandfather, Edward Biel, was the son of Moritz Biel and Otillie Morskovitz, who were Jewish emigrants from Zilina (then in the Kingdom of Hungary, now in Slovakia).She discovered this lineage on the show Who Do You Think You Are? Edward's wife, Jessica's great-grandmother Carrie Rasmussen, was the daughter of Danish parents.It's so easy to be a Monday morning quarterback and say, "Oh, that was a bad idea." The thing is-you give up so much control.You do your job while you're shooting, and then that's it.

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