What to expect on valentines after a month of dating

This is a great way to see how you might work together over the long term.Ultimately you need a partner who loves and accepts you as you are, so it’s time to show your imperfections.Remember you’re not looking to change your life for someone, you’re looking for your two lives to click together.So remember to keep spending time with your friends, and look out for someone who is interested in getting to know them. It’s good to take a little time to get to know someone and build the bond between you.Now you’ve spent almost a year together it’s natural to think about the future – and you should always aim to have a partner who is open about where they see your relationship is heading.So this could be the time to have a more serious chat about your future goals.Instead of rushing to get commitment, think of it as something you give to someone else once they’ve shown you respect, kindness and commitment in return.If it feels right by now, it could be the start of something real.

At the beginning don’t worry about the future, just enjoy those early dates and keep an open mind.

Hopefully by now their friends are starting to feel like your friends, but now it’s time for the big one – meeting their parents!

Our families often form a key part of our lives and value systems, so meeting them is a big relationship milestone.

As you spend more time with one another you’ll start to feel increasingly at home in each other’s space – which may mean you leave a toothbrush at their place.

Look out for people who show equal willingness to come to you.

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