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After Hours: deposit payments (cheques only) in the Civic Square drop box, located at the first set of doors of the Civic Square (closest to Cross Street) Chartered Banks, Caisse Populaire, Credit Union, Trust Companies.Payments accepted on or before installment due date only.Supplemental taxes are billed in addition to any other billing that you may receive during the year.The due date for a Supplemental billing may be any time during the year, made payable in one or two installments, and may be due with as little as three (3) weeks notice.The taxes for this billing are based on the previous year’s taxes.The Final tax billing is usually prepared and mailed the first week of June only for the Residential and Farmland classes, with two installments due the first banking days of July and September.

This voluntary plan offers you an easy, timesaving way to have your tax payments automatically deducted from your bank account.The Explanation of Property Tax Calculations for the Non-Residential classes includes an amount for annualized taxes which reflect the full year impact of “in-year” assessment changes to a property such as adjustments resulting from appeals and supplemental billings.This results in your property’s tax cap adjustment based on the most recent reassessment.All that is required is completing and submitting the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application, along with a VOID cheque. Payments are deducted on the first business banking day of each month or the installment due date depending on which Option you choose.The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application is a pdf file that you can view and print using Adobe Acrobat Reader. NOTE: In order to participate in the program, all taxes must be fully paid to date.

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  1. You must register all your directors with the Companies Office and they must sign a consent form.​ Find out about filing an annual return — the information you need to update, how to change your filing month or request a time extension — and what happens if you don't file your annual return by the due date.