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While sometimes it’s them who join the dates, typically it’s a sibling who can keep an eye on the two and make sure no one’s up to any funny business.

“The chaperones then have clear guidelines for what is acceptable and what’s not,” TLC reports Michelle said. What that means is they’re allowed to say, ‘Hey, are you supposed to be doing that?

This leads to a much sturdier machine, which in turn leads to minimized maintenance and costs over the long run.The proper protocol is for a potential suitor to go directly to Jim Bob and ask if he can court one of his daughters.From there, Jim Bob decides if the man in question has the right values and a good head on his shoulders. There have even been times when Jim Bob has played matchmaker for his daughters. I never could’ve imagined that I would meet somebody that I would just absolutely love being with 24/7 ….until I met you! From your laugh, to your smile, your beautiful eyes, your sense of humor, your incredible fashion sense, your adventurous spirit, your diligence, your compassionate heart, your selflessness, your love for those around you, and most of all, your love for Christ. Thank you for being the most incredible husband, father & friend a girl could ever ask for!The Duggar family's unusual dating rules had been well documented long before the Arkansans were embroiled in scandal.Once Josh Duggar's child molestation history - and brazen adultery - was exposed, they've been under a microscope since.

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Despite Joy-Anna Duggar breaking rules, or modest shifts (Jinger rebelling and Jill distancing herself), the rules are no joke. The Duggar parents often accompany their kids on dates in order to maintain "accountability" and "keep things from going in the wrong direction," per Jim Bob.

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