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Most icons have some level of ambiguity, which is why we recommend text labels for all icons.If you’re too stubborn to provide text labels for the icons on your site, the least you can do is provide your users with a descriptive tooltip. However, since tooltips lack, a moderate contrast is important to ensure users see the text in the tooltip.Otherwise, you’ll just add information pollution to your UI and waste the time of any users unlucky enough to activate that tooltip.Additionally, lengthy content is no longer a ‘tip’, so keep it brief.When there are several nearby elements, these arrows help avoid confusion. If tooltips are erratically displayed throughout your site, people may never discover them.It’s important to be consistent and provide tooltips for all the elements in your design rather than just for some.This type of information is essential to a user successfully completing the Create an Account process and therefore should always be present on the screen.Fed Ex used tooltips to provide additional information for the shipping-form fields. Provide brief and helpful content inside the tooltip.

However, the label was not helpful, nor indicative of its functionality: a language selector.) In general, we advise against using icons without labels and hiding labels inside tooltips, but this offense is even graver when the tooltip labels are inconsistently deployed.

Definition: A tooltip is a brief, informative message that appears when a user interacts with an element in a graphical user interface (GUI).

Tooltips are usually initiated in one of two ways: through a mouse-hover gesture or through a keyboard-hover gesture.

Because tooltips are initiated by a hover gesture, they can be used only on devices with a mouse or keyboard. (In the future, tooltips could be initiated on eyetracking-enabled devices when the user’s gaze dwells on a GUI element for a certain duration.) Although tooltips are mainly limited to desktop computers and laptops, they do have a sister element that is common on touchscreen devices: popup tips.

Both tooltips and popup tips have the same goal: to provide helpful, additional content.

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