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of veggies would insist that a partner follow their meat-free example.A further 31% would like it if their partner thought about eating less meat, and the vast majority - 66% - would not want to change a partner's diet, agreeing that ''they have to choose [vegetarianism] for themselves.'' Yet, despite the fact that most Brits would happily date someone with different dietary preferences, for both meat eaters and vegetarians alike, their is to date someone whose diet matches their own: 92% of vegetarians would prefer to date a vegetarian, while 90% of meat eaters would prefer to date a meat eater.Indeed, 65% of meat eaters in the UK would dump a vegetarian who confronted them with an ultimatum along the lines of ''.'' What's more, the prospect of facing just such an ultimatum is enough to put several British meat eaters off of vegetarian dating: 20% think that the threat of attempted conversion is the number one reason not to date a vegetarian.However, it may just be that meat eaters have beef with the ultimatum itself rather than with the vegetarian lifestyle.For the most part, no two veggies are created alike and many vegetarians feel very strongly about their dietary preferences, and rightfully so!However, just because a date has differing views on what they will or will not eat doesn’t mean that you aren’t a match!Show them that you are invested by recognizing and respecting their lifestyle as a whole, not just what they order off the dinner menu.It's World Vegetarian Day on the 1st of October (and, in fact, the vegetarian festivities usually continue throughout the whole month).

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Funnily enough, despite all the talk of conversions and acceptance, it’s not a moral quandary that worries most singles, but a question that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time: ?

Indeed, for 45% of vegetarians, the single hardest thing about dating a meat eater is cooking and planning daily meals together.

Just because someone is a vegetarian doesn’t mean they are automatically a love match for you-take your time to find out their whole story before you fall head over heels. Never change your dietary preferences just because you want someone to like you though, that will only send you head first into a pile of cheeseburgers when the relationship goes south, as it surely will!

The best way to sweet a vegetarian single off his or her feet is by remembering that there are many more important things to focus on than what they eat.

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With that in mind, Elite Singles polled 750 UK singles to discover what Brits really think about vegetarianism, meat eating, and the quest for romance.

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