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Group Wise uses Quick Finder technology to index messages and documents stored in post offices. For example, if you just imported a large number of documents, you could start indexing immediately, rather than waiting for the next scheduled indexing cycle.

Audience: Group Wise 5.x, and 6.x Administrators Purpose: Enabling Quick Finder Indexing and Speeding up Quick Finder Indexing I have had occasion to go to a customer site to resolve performance issues on a Group Wise post office.

There are stability issues with using Microsoft Edge for Group Wise, whether for the admin consoles or Web Access. For the time being, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer instead of Edge to access Group Wise. If you do not have any programs using tomcat6 on your server, you can uninstall it from your server.

We do not remove tomcat6 during the upgrade in case you have any programs still using tomcat6.

If you need to have the special characters in the paths, place quotation marks around the entire path.

If you try to run dbcopy in a script outside of the /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin directory on Linux, it errors out.

I have implemented this switch at my customer's accounts with no ill effects.

The next section explains how you might speed up Quick Finder Indexing.The effect was that over time, the post office would run slower and slower, and particularly at peak times, the POA would respond very poorly.This document covers the following subjects: The Group Wise message store should be indexed every day.It's a common misunderstanding that Quick Finder Indexing is only needed if Group Wise Document Management is involved.Because of this misunderstanding, some customers have disabled Quick Finder Indexing. The programmatic reason for this is explained below: The indexes created by Quick Finder Indexing are used by Group Wise whenever users use the "Find" feature either in the Group Wise client, or a Find Results Folder (those are folders with an icon that shows a magnifying glass).

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