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While we were at the Sydney Passport Office, a woman had her Application declined, becos she got a JP as her witness, but the JP had not known her for 12 months or more. Its best to renew before your passport has expired.It takes 10 days for the application to be processed or you can pay 4 for an urgent application which takes 3 days. (thats a heads up for all your documents, drivers licence etc its easier to keep them up to date ) You are even given instructions on how to take and upload your own paasport photo and the website tells you if the photo is acceptable.The High Commission in London has no involvement with issuing New Zealand passports.Due to the increased security at New Zealand House, you must have suitable identification with you to gain access to the Passport Office.

It depends on how long it's been since it expired. Hi Anna, I'm planning to travel abroad but my NZ passport is expired.But her health has deteriorated & may only have weeks to live ! I am a NZ citizen and a permanent resident in Australia living in a retirement village. I plan on visiting NZ for about two weeks Nov/Dec for my brother's 90th birthday (Dec 3rd) and again in mid Jan 2017 for a grandson's wedding and stay about six weeks. I have a valid Australian passport , but my NZ passport is expired 3 months ago.& now my other problem is I cannot find my old passport which was valid from Nov 2004 - Nov 2014 ! So plz what do I do can you help & im wanting to do all this on line ? I am aware of some countries eg USA require one to have a considerable passport life in reserve before entering there. Could I renew my passport in Nov/Dec or even could I travel to NZ mid January and renew in that six weeks. I seem to remember that if I apply early, My current Passport is immediately cancelled so making imminent travel unavailable and also reduces the effective life of my new one. Can I renew my NZ passport after 2 or 3 years after it has expired if need be.For the urgent three (3) day service and emergency call-out service, only cash or credit cards are accepted.We strongly recommend you confirm fees with the London Passport office before completing your application.

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