Updating multiple columns

The above method will be time consuming and tedious if there are lots of field calculations needed to be changed, here, I can introduce you a code to change multiple filed settings at the same time.

Hi everyone, I have a table: create table utente (id_utente number(5) Primary Key, nome varchar2(40), sexo varchar2(1) check (sexo='M' or sexo='F'), morada varchar2(60), data_nascimento date, contacto number(10), numero_BI number(9) ); and I need to update several fields at once.

returns TRUE for all columns in INSERT actions because the columns have either explicit values or implicit (NULL) values inserted.

To test for updates or inserts to specific columns, follow the syntax with a bitwise operator and an integer bitmask of the tested columns.

;) table_foobar ( foobar_id, member_id, question_id, answer One, answer Two, answer Three, answer Four ) //Multiple questions for a single foobar Main survey.

tbl_foobar Question ( question_id, foobar Main_id, foobar Question ) tbl_foobar Main ( foobar Main_id, foobar Name, foobar Description ) your database is not normalised as was mentioned before.

Repeat the above steps to change other fields’ calculation settings one by one. Hold down the ALT F11 keys, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window. Click Insert Public Sub Set Data Fields To Sum() 'Update 20141127 Dim x PF As Pivot Field Dim Work Rng As Range Set Work Rng = Application.

Note: You can also change the field settings by right click one field cell and choose Summarize Values by and select one calculation you need from context menus.

Back to my original question: How would I format a CASE Statement query to update the database?

bazz My answers are in one table (table_foobar), and does use a FK(question_id) to relate them to the questions table (table_questions).

r397 recommended to have the three rows in a normalized table, in first normal form. Now if there was a Member #1 Responses - Question #1: yes, 22, no, 34 - Question #2: no, 24, yes, 42 - Question #3: yes, 14, no, 42 Member #2 Responses - Question #1: no, 42, no, 55 - Question #2: no, 51, yes, 21 - Question #3: yes, 11, no, 14 etc., I see your concern and how you may recommend having only one answer for one question, which makes it so much easier to update SQL and PHP wise!

you really ought to help make it easier for poeple to try to help you.

There are other issues but, I got confused with the table names.

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