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This publication is intended for systems engineers, hardware planners, and anyone who needs to understand IBM z Systems™ configuration and implementation.Readers should be generally familiar with current IBM z Systems technology and terminology.The Conference is an excellent resource for those affected by OCD and related disorders, and we're excited to see it continue to grow each year to make an even greater impact. Learn More As part of our goal to expand training opportunities for all clinicians in the OCD community, we are pleased to announce a new partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Psychiatry Academy to offer online courses for professionals interested in learning more about treating OCD in both adults and children.Learn More Your gift will help the IOCDF to make effective treatment more accessible, help raise awareness about OCD, and help to train clinicians and therapists how to best treat OCD and related disorders.The z EC12 offers new functions that require a comprehensive understanding of the available configuration options.

Call Member Name let’s you reference your property name without creating a literal string in your code-behind.Let's work together to improve the lives of everyone affected by OCD.This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, configure, and maintain the IBM z Enterprise EC12 server.This one little workaround can save you dozens of hours pulling your hair.And, the best part, it works and gets the job done.

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For details about the z EC12 server, see IBM z Enterprise EC12 Technical Introduction, SG24-8050, and IBM z Enterprise EC12 Technical Guide, SG24-8049.

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