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For those who are just too impatient to wait and are feeling brave this is a good instructions are as follows: Warning, this is for informational purposes only.A member of our Android Community (lgsilvaas), has just found instructions showing how to update your G1 without getting the over-the-air update.The lucky beggars who have received updating RC-33 before a great bulk of users Android - the smart phone, inform that now the smart phone supports vocal search Google.When there will be long-awaited Cupcake an operator yet does not inform.All you need is a Micro SD card to update to the new RC29 firmware.You could also install a version of Cyanogen Mod on the device, I believe that allows you to use wifi to authenticate.It will add most of the Android Eclair functionality to older android phones, except for Live Wallpapers, but I didn't really see myself using any live wallpapers anyway.The one catch is that the new ROM is too big to fit inside the G1's tiny internal memory.

Do not forget to read the notes and comments of the users in order to judge the effectiveness of the application.Tonight cyanogen is releasing 5.0.7 of the cyanogenmod.This is a modified ROM for android phones, that will finally allow g1 phone users like myself to run most of the latest android apps on our phones.Operator T-Mobile has confirmed that will let out the following version of an insertion 1.1 /RC-33 for smart phone T-Mobile G1 from February, 5 till February, 15th.The insertion will be updated in mode OTA (Over the Air, "by air").

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You turn on your phone and it tells you that an update is available.

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