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This is to redirect inserts to an inherited table - which is postgres's way of partitioning.There are other ways to do this in the db directly (rules or triggers), but those ware way slower. i feel requirement to have new instamce of interceptor per session is not un common.I also modified the session factory, so that it provides access to this constructor.For my case it is working nicely: Adjusting the generated sql in on Prepare Statement().The “Cascade” keyword is often appear on the collection mapping to manage the state of the collection automatically. ) Stock stock = new Stock(); Stock Daily Record stock Daily Records = new Stock Daily Record(); //set the stock and stock Daily Records data stock Daily Stock(stock); Stock Daily Records().add(stock Daily Records); session.save(stock); Hibernate: insert into mkyong.stock (STOCK_CODE, STOCK_NAME) values (? ) Hibernate: insert into mkyong.stock_daily_record (STOCK_ID, PRICE_OPEN, PRICE_CLOSE, PRICE_CHANGE, VOLUME, DATE) values (? How about if you just want to delete two referenced ‘stock Daily Records’ records? You need to delete the ‘stock Daily Records’ one by one.In this tutorials, this one-to-many example will be used to demonstrate the cascade effect. Stock Daily Record sdr1 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(56)); Stock Daily Record sdr2 = (Stock Daily Record)session.get(Stock Daily Record.class, new Integer(57)); session.delete(sdr1); session.delete(sdr2); The cascade=”delete-orphan” is declared in ‘stock Daily Records’ to enable the delete orphan cascade effect.The main problem is in 6 and following questions come to my mind: 1.

Result Set Return Impl.execute Update(Result Set Return Impl.java:189) at org.hibernate.batch.internal.

setting alone employee Address Entity(address Entity) will not work.

SQLState Conversion Delegate.convert(SQLState Conversion Delegate.java:129) at org.hibernate.exception.internal.

My domain model contains a many-to-one association in which the child entity can’t exist without its parent.

Can Hibernate automatically delete the child entity if I remove its association to the parent? When you activate it on the association, Hibernate removes a child entity when you remove its association to the parent entity. In most online book stores, customers can review the offered books.

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