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And she hasn't talked to her mom in forever but is close to her aunt who lives in Atlanta.

Maybe it's me, but I can't stand when the Housewives brag about how many times they've been engaged and how "allegedly" rich they are. Luckily we're about to score with a real estate tour as Kim is coerced into checking out Kandi's new home. Did Kim perhaps get a little green-eyed that she doesn't have as much green as Kandi? She complains that only ONE entry gate opens for her upon her arrival. A money tree to star shedding it's leaves upon her car? She shows up under the impression that this is a good thing but then she's dropping evil nibblets off her tongue the moment she arrives. Kim then calls Kandi's neighborhood "ghetto," insisting she had to lock her car doors when she got off the freeway.

' like she was some sort of A-Lister up there with Victoria Beckham. Surprisingly Greggalicious is also part of the equation. I'm not sure if you're aware, but a certain lady who just had a baby and who happens to wear wigs and also happens to be on RHOA (at least temporarily) and also happens to be named Kim and is friends with Kandi just named her son KASH. Remember George and the name Seven and then his friends stole it.

He's fetching her mail and begging her for some love. The couple has been together for a year and they just bought a house together. And just what name do they want for their hopefully-coming-soon-new son? So what think we: random coincidence or name thievery. There she is in all her glory, pregnant, acting crass-y in her borrowed mansion and blaming others for being evicted. KJ is turning one and 'Nana and Pop' (aka Kim's parents) haven't seen him but they sent a birthday card with a check, which Kim disdainfully tosses aside, dismissing them for not having "much." It disappoints me that Kroy Biermann is either stooping to her level, was always really gross, or is really blinded by his um… KIM'S MOM FIGHTING FOR VISITATION OF BRIELLE AND ARIANNA!

She and Kandi should start a beleaguered Housewives bailout fund. And something about making it has possibly made her think about what matters as she coyly mentions that she might just be dating the person she just divorced. Having fun, Ne Ne and Ryan decide to call Tyler Perry. Unfortunately she was denied as Tyler's number has been disconnected. This lady is either CRAZY or she knows how to get camera time in a big, big way. So Cynthia is still working hard at The Bailey Agency. I guess next week I'm in luck as Ne Ne comes face-to-face with both Kenya and Kim!

Ne Ne might be big news, but she's not THAT big yet. She's hosting a model search for JET Magazine's woman of the week. The girls all have to wear bikinis for the audition. [Photo Credit: Bravo TV.com]TELL US – WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE SEASON PREMIERE?

Let's put it this way: If I had a dollar for every time I heard "coochie crack" last night I might be buying Ne Ne's used Birkin. She explains there needs to be some rules and that is HER agency and she is in charge, so Kenya better shut. How powerful and strong, an inspiration to women everywhere, paragons of our species. For a so called professional and classy woman, Kenya obviously went to same etiquette school as Marlo Hampton!

As Kim takes the tour she complains about the inground pool, the master bedroom, how big it is, and every aspect of Kandi's decor.

They decide to ask Noelle what she wants and she's like, 'no effing way do I want to be stuck in this house all day with my mom and creepy step-dad' and she wants to go to school. It includes being wildly rich and successful, well known, the possessor of a 4000 square foot house she lives in by her lonesome, how she was engaged a mere six times but could never make it down the aisle, and how she is now dating some sort of awkward-looking mogul who better propose and knock her up like yesterday!

Kenya also really likes her butt and herself and she works out constantly and everyone wants to be like her and look like her and flaunt it on the cover of Stuff Magazine.

Next up, Ne Ne is flaunting her success as she meets up with Ryan Murphy to talk The New Normal. I thought it was bad luck to put your purse on the ground, so she told us last year?

Maybe she's so rich now she doesn't need to worry about good financial luck. ) slightly humbled by her new success; she is almost giddy.

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She and Tyler burst out laughing – and I like this new Ne Ne. Kenya for some godforsaken producer-insistent reason is assisting with the search and sitting on the judging panel. Kenya is talking over everyone, talking about how great she, the former Miss.

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