Tips on dating a divorced dad

We’d set up our tent in a flat area that turned out to be the base of a seasonal creek, turned to a pond in the storm. He replied with the most romantic thing he’s ever said to me: “This is my bucket list,” he said.I laughed until my stomach hurt as my husband moved the tent to higher ground. Romantic notions were set aside as I threw up day and night for five months straight.I wore cotton maternity dresses that fit like burlap sacks.When we’d been dating nine months, we chartered a sailboat in the Virgin Islands for a week.I was impressed by how calm he was steering the boat, and how patiently he showed me how to drop anchor.By Jan Ellison I met my husband in college, but our romantic involvement was limited to a secret crush and a half-remembered kiss in the dorm bathroom.

But my son had his tongue up on the roof of his mouth, and he wouldn’t latch on.

He didn’t put me on a pedestal, but considered me an equal — a person he respected and trusted.

He invited me to Florida with his family at Christmas, and when we got back, he finally said those three magic words.

This was my first clue that the brand of romance I’d thought I wanted was to be eclipsed by something far more profound and enduring. I began to balk at leaving our son — and as they arrived, over the years, our three daughters — with babysitters they didn’t know well, even for a few hours.

My husband became the one to insist we spend time alone.

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Then he tells you that not only is he divorced, but he also has kids.

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