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The task involved downloading the correct BIOS file, the proper CMOS chip flashing software, rebooting the PC into DOS mode, applying the correct commands and then waiting in suspense until the update finished.

All the while there was a lurking danger - if something went wrong, you would be left with an essentially unusable motherboard…

And yes, I recommend that even if your computer is a laptop. Rarely a month goes by when I don’t receive a frantic request for help from someone who accidentally bricked their computer’s motherboard because the power went off in the middle of a firmware update.

Bottom line: While sometimes necessary, updating the BIOS/UEFI firmware on your computer is a risky endeavor.

More specifically, it enables you to use the keyboard, see a display on the monitor, access the hard drive or CD drive, etc., all without the need for an operating system.The motherboard in every Windows PC is equipped with firmware code that the CPU uses to initialize the computer’s hardware components and prepare the machine to boot up into Windows.Depending on the age and model of your PC, this firmware is typically referred to as either the BIOS or the UEFI.All the hardware attached to the motherboard, such as the memory, processor, video card and disk drives, can be configured to a greater or lesser degree through the BIOS.Memory timings, processor speed and overclocking, hard disk detection and booting are all properties controlled by the motherboard's BIOS.

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