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People in the Philippines very much love the City Hunter.

well base on this, I think LMH is afraid to lose his fame and big earnimgs that's why he prefr to break her heart rather than break his chance of gaining fame and wealth.

what matters is the people who would be by your side when all else go downhill famous or not.

Park Min Young's character in Healer is refreshing & fun to watch.

I sincerely hope they have another chance at it in the future.

♥♥♥ I like her acting in sunkyunkwan scandal, but in other films i guess her acting Not that good, but not bad too.btw,guys., Let's vote for Park min young in Seoul International Drama awards 2012 :-) because of you and Min Ho, I became a kpop and kdrama addict!your acting is very effective, it touches viewers feelings because you can show each of the character of the role you played naturally.Her performance is just outstanding beyond words can express.I loved you sooo much in city hunter, but this time I think you were wonderful, I love the singing and dancie you did it was awesome, you are so cute and talented.

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