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While we know you never would pull any of these antics, we still think there are lessons to be learned from these online dating stories from around the web. “Dude talked for several hours nonstop about his multi-discipline art project, which was based solely on an experience his father had 40 years ago. There’s a time and place for your edgy humor, but a first date is not it.

It was the only thing he talked about, no exaggeration, for 70% of the date.” (via The Awl) It’s awesome if you’re working on a cool project, and it’s more than cool to talk about it. If you’re the type of person who likes to throw political correctness out the window, there are definitely women out there who appreciate that.

A copper awl is the oldest metal object unearthed to date in the Middle East. The village had many roasting ovens in the courtyards, all filled with burnt animal bones, which suggests people held large events there.

Only the 301, 303, 309 and 305 WITH date codes after the Model number were made by Buck.

It’s polite to let your date talk—she’ll appreciate the chance to express herself, and you’ll learn more about her. But an overly romantic film can make things awkward and might not be that much better.

Settle for a romantic comedy or a light-hearted action flick and call it a day. “After what I thought was a fun date with a new guy, I turned to Internet intel and found his Twitter feed.

This guy was an absolute idiot to post this on his public Twitter profile.

People Google their dates all the time, so go in to your date with the expectation that your date has done a quick search on you. It’s no wonder that no one wanted to go home with this guy.

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