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They did not make Talal’s financial situation an obstacle and were tolerant of the fact that he was not able to pay the dowry and buy gold, considering that “anything but love has no value”.

On the other hand, Talal made every possible effort to arrange the wedding ceremony for Khadija, in which both families shared in the couple’s joy and where laughter was a way for the Arab groom’s family and the Turkish bride’s family to greet and communicate with each other.

Families ask for a high dowry to give their daughters in marriage, which most Syrian young men cannot afford.

According to a survey conducted by Enab Baladi, 32% of participants considered that difficult marriage conditions and the economic situation are the most important factors that push Syrian young men to marry foreign girls.

Talia had to make a greater effort to develop their relationship and achieve harmony between them.

Even though her lack of vocabulary prevents her from being able to fully express herself, the affection between them enabled them to overcome that obstacle.

Talia told Enab Baladi, “My husband’s sister met me and asked to introduce me to her brother.

It was not very different from what we call a ‘traditional marriage’ in Syria.” Knowing the Turkish language opened her sole linguistic communication channel with her husband, who does not speak any Arabic or English.

Islam is also the source of many other factors that motivate Turkish men to marry Syrian women.

Arab women from conservative Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman might face societal pressures so they might not be open to dating outside their race.

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However, these marriages seem more difficult compared to marriages with other Arabs or with Turks.

This is what Omar, a young man who left Hama for Denmark and married a Danish woman there, soon realized when he found that fundamental differences between the two cultures and religions were capable of weakening any marital relationship, even leading to its total collapse.

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