Square dating reviews dating a man 18 years older than me

She immediately arranged a time to visit me at home.

Either I’m introduced to the friend of a friend, and find myself instantly becoming an experiment under a microscope, or I’m exposed to the slings and arrows of the manifold sources of blind dates. That, I reckoned, might prove to be quite entertaining.

Now we are planning our time together many months out, and are looking forward to holidays travelling in both England and Italy as we further introduce each other to our respective countries.

"We often have a little giggle that, apart from me finding my match on my first Ivy introduction, the probability of our meeting by chance are one in three hundred million at best.

"I asked the matchmaker’s advice as to which of the two matches I should try to meet first.

Without hesitation she urged me to focus on the European lady who, according to her, should prove to be a match made in heaven. "I duly called the lady at her home in northern Italy, not too far from Milan.

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We spoke on the phone and discovered the cultural, social and intellectual compatibilities promised by the Ivy representatives had not been exaggerated.

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