Speed dating in the quad cities

ICAN is a peer-to-peer support group, and does not provide medical services or advice.

______________________________________________ Who should attend ICAN of the Quad Cities monthly meetings?

* Persons planning to become pregnant, currently pregnant, or postpartum seeking information about informed options, informed consent, informed refusal, and collaborative care.

* Persons seeking support for from other experienced pregnant persons about options for where to have your next baby.

Unless said person in is need of support for ones childbearing year. Meetings are not intended for the purpose of preparing children for birth. Contact an ICAN of the Quad Cities representative at: [email protected] Quad Cities ______________________________________ Join TODAY!

Taking this step has ensured pregnant and postpartum persons are able to participate in a peer-to-peer manner, which ICAN strives to promote. ICAN memberships Did you know that a portion of your ICAN membership will stay with our ICAN of Quad Cities Chapter?

* Persons seeking support from other experienced pregnant persons about choosing a primary birth delivery provider that might be the best fit for you?

* Persons seeking support and information for preventing a primary (1st) cesarean.

In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.

* Persons seeking support for a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC).

* Persons seeking support for a cesarean birth after a cesarean (CBAC).

ICAN of the Quad Cities monthly meetings, closed Facebook Group, and public Facebook page may not be used for the purpose of networking by birth-workers, primary care providers, businesses, etc.

ICAN of the Quad Cities does not allow persons working in the obstetric industry to attend monthly meetings.

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