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” Chances are that friend or family member is going to give you the slow head nod (which means they’re taking in what you’re saying and slowly but surely judging…) and trying to offer support.

Some will say that you should still give it time, depending on the other party’s circumstances, while other people will say, you should cut them loose. You Read Too Much Into What The Other Person Says And Does With You “Oh snap! ” “He told me I could leave a toothbrush at his crib! ” Okay, so these aren’t exactly the things you are saying, but many times, when we’re ready to move on to the next step, we read too much into what the other person says and does with us.

In fact, you’re just around, going over to his house, waiting on his phone calls and pretty much “talking,” but with no firm statement of what the hell you two are, are what you’re doing. A lot of the crap that comes with ending up in the gray zone can be resolved if early on, you tell someone your intentions and make sure they get it: “I’m looking for something more.

I don’t have time to play games.” But sometimes we don’t make ourselves 100 percent clear, and in the end, we end up waiting for the other person to make the move that tells us whether we should keep waiting or whether we should head back to (kidding! So how do you know when you’ve been relegated to such a place?

Dear Brian, One of my clients had the same exact issue going on during his burgeoning relationship.

He’s 22 and he’d been on about 6-7 dates without any physical intimacy or exclusivity.

Therefore, they keep you close because they find some benefit in having you around, yet and still, they don’t want to take things further.

You’re probably in gray zone territory when the person you’ve been holding on to for months upon months keeps telling you they’re just trying to take things slow (Note: it’s gray because they’re not saying they don’t want you, but they’re also saying they don’t want you right now…).

But if you know the other person just sits home and watches TV and is just not trying to sacrifice, or worse, makes time for other random people (I’m not talking family or close, “close” friends), you’re in the gray zone, dear.

Broken Heart Ever been that person that was damn near perfect, according to your prospective boo, but because of the pain inflicted by a previous girlfriend or boyfriend, you’re stuck in one place and don’t seem to be moving forward?

There’s a difference between finding yourself in the “friend zone,” and finding yourself in a “gray zone” when it comes to dating.

When you’ve been put in the friend zone, someone, for reasons that could include not being fully attracted to you, not wanting a relationship or just being straight up repulsed by you, doesn’t feel the same way you do.

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