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Shy girls are often in situations where they prefer to be alone and take charge of situations and decisions; they don’t need reassurance before making decisions – which is unnecessary and emotionally draining for guys.Shy girls are also confident and appreciate time alone; they like time to recharge – think, read or wander by themselves – which complements the desire for space most guys want!Shower and groom well before you leave for the party.

Swinging also has the common positive effect of enhancing your relationship and personal life to a great extent.

There are wonderful, attractive girls across the board, however guys tend to concentrate on the first group where more introverted characters don’t naturally fit in.

A deeply moving documentary can be a really interesting watch if you sit down and get into the thick it.

Reply by phone or mail and express your gratitude for the invitation. Keep your bling, jewelry and other valuables to the bare minimum.

Gift for the Host Don’t go to a party empty-handed. Get something racy or simple for the hosts every time you attend a swingers’ party. The Right Attire Wear clothes that are practical and will be comfortable for you as the night progresses. Losing them will be headache to you and an embarrassment to the hosts.

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