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There was this woman, Melissa, she’d come skate there but other than that I really didn’t see any girls. I wanted someone to try stuff with so I’d try to get her to try stuff with me. You could be in a sea of people and not talk to anyone. My mom, as long as my grades were good she’d let me do whatever I wanted. My senior year I turned 18 so my mom was cool with me going on trips, going to contests. I’m done.”But you’re in Santa Monica, California, and you’re a sponsored skater. We should totally hang out.” It’s some empty promise.

Eventually my neighbor started doing it and she was a girl so I’d go with her. It’s just some strained conversation, like, “It’s great to see you.

I remember one time, a long time ago, we went to that Crossroads trade show and he was upset with me because I wasn’t handing out resumes. I was going to college at SMC; doing college because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. You have a problem so your way of dealing with this problem is peeing on my board? You’ll be fine.” He’ll help me out with my life like he’s my friend. She’s pro; she can probably do a 540.” I naively assumed that ‘cause you don’t know. It was kinda scary on the ramp because there was a bunch of fringe and I thought I could roll over it and take myself out just dropping in. Not sure if that is true or not, but have you ever had any pressure to tart it up to help your skate career? I guess sometimes I could be in a weird spot in my head, and I can usually get past it, but I could totally be like, “Hey, you need to go away for like ten minutes ‘cause you’re messing up my head.” But if he wants to be there I’m totally stoked. The Birdhouse team is so cool and I still think it’s crazy that I’m a part of that. And then the further back you go it gets more chaotic. Was going on tours with them and being with dudes a culture shock for you? Everyone’s trying to win.” It’s a competition so it gets heated but it’s all in the name of fun. With the cereal thing, if you’re a kid it’s something you think is cool. There’s totally some people who are weird about it, but they don’t know me and they’re probably talking shit ‘cause they’re not happy with their lives.

So for awhile the relationship was strained because the way we work is different. But my stepdad is very calculated and thinks things have to be done in a precise way. Well, I got my first sponsor SMA just hanging around the park. And eventually you make relationships through certain people and they flow you things. I tore my PCL completely so I was going to be out for a couple months. But he’s nice and I appreciate being friends with him because there’ll be things that I’m dealing with and he’ll be, like, “Oh yeah, don’t trip over that. When I finally met some girl skaters, I assumed they could do everything the guys can do, like, “Oh yeah. Whereas if someone sees you in real life and talks to you—I’ve heard a rumor that in pro surfing all the girls with the best deals are all the super cute ones and have their butts out. Yeah, most of the boys I dated before have been skateboarders. Would you want him to be there at your big contest to support you? The way I look at contests now, it’s just 15 minutes. The front is the safe zone if you want to be away from the bullshit. I’ve definitely made it to the back row but I can’t live there. You’ve helped us a bunch of times on it’s almost like they’re in character because it’s, like, “Oh my God, everyone’s against each other. I think it’s cool because I grew up eating Frosted Flakes and now I get to hang out with Tony the Tiger. When do you say, “These people are such dicks I’m not gonna lend them the cool of skateboarding and my image?

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I’m 24 and I grew up in Santa Monica and now I’m living in Encinitas.

Her being a single parent, are you guys more than mother-daughter? Is it different than what you see with other people and their parents? When I got hurt I was all, “Okay, this is the time. For this interview we did the crazy dress-up thing at the ramp. And you know that everything they’re doing, even when they’re shitheads, in their heart they mean well. Then they realized what they said wasn’t cool and then they apologized.

So once we started going to the skatepark she was, like, “You can do that whenever you want.” So since it was way better than any of the other options we just started hanging out there. It was kinda like after-school care, which was good for my mom at the time because she felt like it was safe for my brother and I to hang out there. They’d be off in the corner trying to do their own thing. Kids my age were acting wild and I was kinda shy so I’d go to the place that wasn’t crowded.

My mom would let us come home from school, clean the house, do chores and then do homework or go to the library. There’s, like, a pool, two bowls and a street/flow course. You have to pay so there’s nobody lurking there doing anything really dumb. I think she was super into it because she knew it was an outlet for us. And when she was younger she used to skate to get around, though she didn’t go to the park to try to do tricks or anything. I learned basic tricks at The Cove, but when I started skating the Vans park in Orange and saw people skating the Combi I was, like, “I want to do that.”So you were a teenage girl but skating pools and bowls you ended skating with a lot of grown men. I think even at my home park I ended up skating with a lot of older guys. I’d ask them about tricks that I was trying to figure out and everyone was nice to me.

If I’m going to do something I’ll do it at my own pace. ”So if you didn’t hand out the resumes with Larry, how did things start happening as far as sponsors? It doesn’t matter what you do or where you’re from or your status to be a skateboarder. So I started to do more contests and met people through contests. Then in 2013 I had gotten hurt at the end of the year. Back to you and the older skate buddies, what’s Jeff Grosso really like? He’s big and people might see him as menacing; he definitely has his own opinions. I know there’s a big push to raise the visibility of women skating because then it shows girls that it can be done, but were there any women skaters you looked up to as girl? I remember you were at one contest in an R2-D2 singlet. Even if it might be some huge compliment, there’s no weight to it. I remember we were shooting photos and you were, like, “Should I smile? ” I doubt Jaws would ever worry about if he’s smiling in a skate photo. But if we’re shooting something where I can do it and we’re playing with it and there’s room for play, I don’t know, I’ll put on a smile. I’m sure if there’s a bunch of people ogling over photos of Ryan Sheckler and he looks like, “Aahhhh,” …Have you had boyfriends who skated before Axel? Yeah, I just don’t want it to be a huge part of it. Is it ever like, “Okay, I’m going to skate.” “Can I come? But it switches around when we’re at the vert ramp. But I’ve definitely warmed up to him and I think he’s a pretty good guy.

I met all these people and everyone was insane but I liked it, ‘cause everyone was eclectic. That wasn’t a contest thing, that was just someone being crazy. People think I don’t see it, like, “Oh, she gets a ton of messages,” but I’m on there. I’m not trying to be rude, but some people try to talk to me like I’m their best friend. There’s totally cool stuff on there, but they’re not my personal friend, they don’t know my background. So I’ll change how I’m dressed depending on how I feel that day. I guess, hypothetically, if I was working on something for weeks on end or had to come back to some trick and I looked constipated in the photo or was making some awful face, at that point I don’t care ‘cause I worked so hard for it. Yeah, I’m sure if you were a dude you might think about it too. There’s not some long list of skaters that I’ve dated. It’s still new, so there’s only been so many times. But when it’s the opposite, like he’s street skating and I’m rolling around on the street course being an idiot I totally get self conscious, like, “Damn it.” And he’s just doing laps because everything’s easy. He’s open about a bunch of different things and at first I was, like, “Oh my God, this guys’ crazy.” He’s very outspoken and I’m kinda shy.

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