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Both scales had high internal consistency reliability, showed gender differences, and showed differences across relationship status (single vs. The two newly developed measures assess unique constructs of consent and demonstrate assessments of specific concepts.Our findings provide an important contribution to the field of sexuality as these measures can be used in future research to better understand sexual consent.Oh, and our porn.“Chicago [porn] does have a unique flavor….it’s definitely more real,” says David Law, a local adult-film actor who requested we use his stage name, a clever play on his day job as a legal assistant. If you wanted to teach somebody about war, you wouldn’t show them .“When all your major players are in another area, it makes it difficult for people in Chicago to develop those relationships.”Law also thinks the Midwest’s conservative mindset might have something to do with our unheralded porn industry.“Chicago is not a ‘show your skin’ culture like California,” he says.Sexual assault prevention efforts have focused on educating students to obtain consent as a mechanism to reduce sexual assault, yet little is known about how college students consent to sex.

Take, for instance, our fascination with encased meats and our love of fleece pullovers.

I recently found myself single after ten years, and I have spent most of my 20's working a LOT!

It is time for me to get out there and meet some new people.

(We prefer his previous moniker: Johnny Depth.) “L. And if you wanted to teach somebody about sex, you wouldn’t show them porn out of L.

A.”That doesn’t necessarily mean a lot to the business traveler who nervously clicks the “Adults Only” section of his TV’s movie menu, hoping to see blond twins sporting double-D racks who have a penchant for orgies.

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