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But it’s not only about which truths people disclose.The business of being appealing can also involve a bit of deception.Independent judges rated the online daters’ physical attractiveness.Results show that the lower online daters’ attractiveness, the more likely they were to enhance their profile photographs and lie about their physical descriptors (height, weight, age).And even though confessions of profile dishonesty can and do happen once people start interacting with each other online, misstatements in the profile viewing stage arguably lay the groundwork for those distortions to continue later in the private online communication stage.After all, once deception has entered the scene, it’s not always easy to take it back.What’s more, 31% of individuals polled in a 2018 survey said they’ve gone on a “real-world” date with someone they met through a dating site.And roughly one in four people (23%) in that same survey said a dating website lead them to a more serious romantic partnership.

And in spite of the pretty significant fictions that can appear, in most cases any untruths are on the smaller side.

Another person from the same online dating research I've been quoting aptly expressed this mindset: “Everybody lies about their age or a lot of people do…So I have to cheat too in order to be on the same page as everybody else that cheats. So if I say I am 44, people think that I am 48.” But do a lot of individuals fib in their profile?

It appears they do, with 81% of people in one study admitting to lying in at least one of the ways they described themselves.

PDF This study examines the role of online daters’ physical attractiveness in their profile self-presentation and, in particular, their use of deception.

Sixty-nine online daters identified the deceptions in their online dating profiles and had their photograph taken in the lab.

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But the science is a bit mixed when it comes to these lesser lies in profiles.

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