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“It was always drummed into me that I needed a man,” she told me later.“For a long time, even when I was married and happy, I still had that creeping fear that he’d leave. The emergent woman in front of me was self-confident, and it was sexy on her.

When we accept ourselves as my friend Liz eventually did, it opens our ability to have compassion for the struggles other people face.“I never thought I’d be woman,” she said, “alone, sad and no plans.” She said James had made all of their plans in the past.It would take Liz a few more months before she allowed herself to see friends again and reclaim her happiness. We saw each other at a concert and she was radiant. ” She wiggled her hips playfully, determined to dance at any chance she got.Having the wherewithal to harness our own inner resourcefulness is a large aspect of self-confidence because it’s what informs our response to life as it happens.It reassures us that we’re safe, resilient and ready for the world.

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My friend had The former was devastated at the prospect of life without a man or a “rescuer,” as she put it.

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