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10 vignettes about scandalous behavior of horny German schoolgirls.First, a strict, conservative teacher is lured by three of his beautiful, nubile young female students into a compromising situation with tragic results.

(Read its full response here.)Private special education schools such as Chamberlain are also the focus of a recently completed investigation by WBUR and the investigative news agency The Eye.In its report, the Disability Law Center concluded that Chamberlain is, in some ways, ill-equipped to handle the complex needs of its students."This is a private school very much focused on students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, and despite that being the group for which this school is designed, the law center found that there were these problems with how these students are treated," said Stan Eichner, the DLC's head litigator.Problems, per the DLC, like: failing to prevent student suicide attempts and cutting; inadequately supervising students, leading to repeat runaways from campus; failing to properly investigate cases of bullying; as well as verbal and emotional abuse by some staff.Schoolgirl Report #2 (1971) *** (out of 4) The second of thirteen film produced in German that takes a look at the schoolgirl and what turns her on.The films pass themselves off as a documentary that includes short stories about the teen girls but also interviews people on the street in regards to various sex questions.

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Most of them live on campus, and they're a combination of in-state, out-of state and international students.

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