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Derek/ Scott pack enjoy their vacation in the comfort of the pack house AKA Derek's and Stiles loft.Their enjoyment comes to quick pause as mysterious people come into town." She grinned, before walking away."So, you gonna see me, Olivia and Erica dance up a storm?" Sarah asked Ethan, raising an eyebrow."No, I'm not really much for storms of the dancing variety."Olivia looked at Sarah and laughed before the two made their way to the auditorium.What ACTUALLY happened to Sarah, Benny, Ethan, and Jesse one the Lucifractor was broadcasted? I decided to write my own ending to satisfy myself, and now I think other MBAV fans need this too.Sarah Vaughan's two Roulette orchestra sessions that featured Benny Carter arrangements (The Explosive Side of Sarah Vaughan and The Lonely Hours) are reissued in full on The Benny Carter Sessions from 1994.AU What if Sarah wasn’t able to suck out the venom1x13 au Ethan turned into a fledgling , Sarah doesn’t drink human blood There will be chapters about the episodes and how they changed and Ethan and Sarah May or may not drink human blood in the future Benny Weir is an average-at-best vampire hunter in a vampire-run Whitechapel. The vampires want him dead, and he doesn't seem to know his age. Benny Weir is a transgender teenager in a happy relationship with his best friend Ethan Morgan, but when Ethan shows his true colors, Benny is thrown into a vicious spiral down the drain that seems to just get deeper and deeper.-Fic heavily inspired by song lyrics and by personal drama. Uue FWt Sius4rc Kd0Aw H? Even more dangerously, unbeknownst to Benny, Vision is Ethan, his boyfriend and closest friend.

Established Etharah, eventual Bethan It finally summer time for Ethan and his friends." Ethan asked Erica, as they watched the two jocks begin to push one another."What?!Why won't people fight over me when I tell them to! "I've gotta figure out that vampire mind control.""You mean glamouring?They decide to go down to Beeny's family cabin that's located in small town called Beacon Hills , California.Their even more happier to known that Rory's ditching them for someone soccer player name Victoria.

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