Probability of acceptance in dating choice

They might feel they’re into sporty, energetic people. The truth is we often base our ‘type’ around fairly specific, often arbitrary characteristics.They’re built up from the kind of partner we’ve for ourselves – the one we feel could be just around the corner if we keep waiting.To create this article, 12 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. There may be a good chance of her accepting, but there's always the constant fear of her rejecting you.Fortunately for you, you've found the right article.Maybe your parents had a troubled marriage and you’re scared things will be the same for you.One thing about entering into a relationship is that it does entail some degree of risk.After all, finding a partner is a big deal: if things go well, this could be the person you spend the rest of your life with. Problems can come though when you’re being so discerning about potential partners that you don’t give any new relationship a chance to develop.We can fall into the trap of being so worried that someone is going to disappoint us that we end up waiting for them to do so – and picking up on any small thing as evidence that they have.

Of course, the flip side of this might be that you don’t actually want to be in a relationship.

Sometimes it can feel like becoming part of a couple is the ultimate goal in life, particularly if you’re getting a bit older or your friends are settling down. Your priorities or lifestyle may mean that you’d be happier being single.

Again, solo counselling can be a good way of getting to the bottom of what may or may not be commitment issues, and can help you go forward with more confidence if you’re currently feeling confused. A lot of people have a fairly specific idea of the ‘type’ of person they like. And while it’s definitely a good idea to have some idea of the kind of person you’re interested in, having specific an idea can mean ruling out potential partners unnecessarily.

You may find that you’re pleasantly surprised by how much you like someone you would have never gone for otherwise. On a more practical level, having trouble forming relationships can have a lot to do with where you’re looking.

You might feel like you never have the opportunity to meet anyone outside of your social circle or work.

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