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Targeting, improper arrests, and police violence remain a huge issue for LGBT people of color.

"Now there's more stuff for [LGBT] kids," she says.

The uprising of 52 years ago came after the drag queens, transgender women, and, to a lesser degree, LGB community of the Tenderloin district had been targeted and abused for years by the San Francisco Police Department.

Often arrested for violating the city's anti–cross-dressing ordinance as well as the sex work they were often forced to do, the "screaming queens" erupted one night after one of their own was being hauled away from the cafeteria.

To the press and public, LGBT people were so odious then — in '60s "peace and love" San Francisco, ironically — that even something as newsworthy as their street battle with police needed to be kept from innocent eyes."[LGBT] people were thrown out of hotels, they were stabbed, they had their breasts cut, they were mutilated because of their genitalia," remembers Felicia Flames, a self-described transsexual woman who frequented Compton's Cafeteria in the '60s and still lives in San Francisco.

"We were something that could be thrown away in a trash can."The police responded in kind to the public's disgust of sexual and gender minorities, Flames says. Thrown in jail for dressing like a woman, because in those days it was illegal.

She was also one of the founders of the annual Trans March.

Let’s make this a huge showing of how powerful and incredible we are! Please come prepared for some San Francisco sun and fog.

It wasn't in the news or in the paper; it was by word of mouth that people came to the Tenderloin."The area was inundated with gay bars — Flames can remember the names of nearly 20 of them — but drag queens and transgender women were often not allowed in.

Excluded from everything, including gainful employment, many women like Flames turned to prostitution for survival.

Flames knows that AIDS and Stonewall — the New York uprising that came three years after Compton's — dominate the narrative of the modern LGBT rights movement, with mainstream films and TV shows documenting what happened there.

But Compton's is mostly forgotten, which is doubly disappointing; it was one of the first known acts of resistance by queer people to police brutality, and the issue of improper policing remains one of the nation's biggest flashpoints.

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