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Since my re-emergence on Twitter, I've had a lot of people asking me if I'm on Telegram or Discord.

The answer to both is no, but I won't rule out the possibility.

I'm hoping to resolve this very soon, but don't be surprised if it takes a little while for new content to appear there.

Rest assured it's not because I'm not bothering with my site anymore - goodness knows I spent long enough coding and designing the damn thing.

But this little sample represents some of the ones I'm more keen on getting finished.

If you're wondering how close I am to completing any of these projects, the truthful answer is 'not very'. Now don't get too excited, because you know what I'm like.

To top it off, I started making plans to update my website in preparation for a possible comeback, which led to some conversations with dinosorceror (who has very kindly hosted Rip Roar Rex's Realm for me these past 11 years).With Twitter seemingly still in vogue among furries though, I've already had chance to become reacquainted with many folks I've not seen for a long time. At the very least, I'm hoping to become a little more active again - which shouldn't be difficult when I'm starting from a baseline of near zero over the past twelve months!And of course, I have a fresh platform to share my new work with them - and hopefully a few new followers too. And as mentioned already, I will probably start uploading more of my unfinished work and abandoned projects, given I've got plenty of them...! Once I start my new job, I might well find I can't muster up sufficient time to draw again, or I may struggle to maintain my new Twitter presence and ultimately end up drifting away again.And I can't deny that I'm just not as strongly into the fandom as I was when I was younger.When it really comes down to it, I still don't quite know where furry truly fits into the kind of life I want long-term. A couple of things I should mention: I haven't yet had opportunity to update my website due to some technical issues (hence the chats with Dinosorceror).

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Arbitrary as it may seem, it's worth embracing as one day of the year when everyone in the fandom can show a little bit of love for paws.

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