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Hotel Blackhawk, Davenport, Iowa This Forbes Recommended hotel seamlessly combines its past (dating back to 1915, when it first opened) with modern flair thanks to its major renovation that was completed in 2009.

As a member of the Historic Hotels of America, you’ll spot aspects of the original building (stained glass, lobby columns) along with 21st-century amenities such as an on-site bowling alley—which was taken out in the 1950s only to be later rebuilt to restore the hotel to its original splendor—and spa. Modeled after the grand hotels of Europe, The Davenport Hotel and Tower traces its history all the way back to 1914. The Saint Paul Hotel has played a role in countless cultural events in its 103-year history (though the building dates back to 1856), from hosting a dinner to salute pilot Charles Lindbergh in the 1920s to serving as a headquarters for one of St.

The crown jewel of their collection of artifacts is the USS Edson, built in 1958. It's small, but it's not lacking in world-class attractions.

It's only of only two surviving Forest Sherman-class destroyers. (aka the Motown Museum, the beating heart of soul), Belle Isle with its stunning vintage aquarium, museums dedicated to science and history and art, the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, the funky Heidelberg Project that turns a neighborhood into art, the illustrious Henry Ford Museum, Milliken State Park and Harbor, insane architecture, awesome restaurants, killer nightlife, and so much more. Their zoo is particularly great, but the art museum is noteworthy as well. Hayes Presidential Library, the National Museum of the Great Lakes, and Fort Meigs, which played an important role in the War of 1812.

Whether you're looking for the fastest route from the Midwest to Florida, or you happen to be enjoying the ride between some of America's coolest cities, I-75 is loaded with plenty to see and do along the way. The 195-foot-tall lookout spot has been a tourist destination since 1929.

Start off your trip by fueling up at the West Pier Drive-In. Peer into the binoculars to check out the views of Mackinac Island (which, if you have time, is an amazing destination worth visiting), Lake Huron, downtown St. Pose for photos of Paul Bunyon while you're here, and remember to pick up an "I climbed Castle Rock" sticker before you leave.

It's just off the highway, but it feels like a place from a fairytale.

I-75 is a main route to Atlanta, and from Atlanta, it continues into Florida.

As you cruise the route past Tampa, take some time to enjoy the brief East-West stretch through the Everglades that's known as Alligator Alley before ending just north of Miami.

After becoming famous as a getaway for the wealthy during the Jazz Age, The Biltmore became a hospital during World War II, and then was unoccupied before reopening as a hotel in the 1980s.

Mansions on Fifth, Pittsburgh Originally built as a private home in the early 1900s, Mansions on Fifth is one of the few remaining mansions that still exists on Pittsburgh’s “Millionaire’s Row.” The grand structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and features such as a library, original wine cellar and various fireplaces truly make it feel like a home. A National Historic landmark, Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island is a summer getaway on the island known for its ban on cars—access is by ferry or plane only.

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