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I guess you could categorize the neighborhood as the equivalent of US middle class. They tend to be house-proud and take great delight in their yards, which are filled year round with all sorts of blooming plants. Mikals first published at the age of 14, when her brother purloined a school assignment, sent it to the Readers Digest, and kept the resulting check.When Mikals learned of this some 30 years later, she told him he might as well keep the check.It’s tough to find heavy cooking pans down here, except the really big ones suitable for making for fifty. A popular local objective is to get whatever-it-is cooked and turn off the heat source. We (the mouse in my pocket and the editor in my head) have a few favorite topics.Fun with Spanish: It’s soooo easy to embarrass yourself when speaking a new language, and often so very funny if you look at life that way.In town, you may hate razor wire and bars, but you might also want the full scoop before you reject them. The truth is that it’s not because I’m such a tough old bird.

I chose Las Tablas, famous for its celebration, filled with both old and new homes and businesses and the capital of the Los Santos province. I rent a small unfurnished house in a lovely little subdivision filled with happy Panamanian families. She has lived in 5 countries, 12 states & 25 cities, maintaining that her itchy feet are a genetic inheritance from her adoptive father.Currently she is exploring her mind and the tropics with her fierce, 15 centimeter Aztec companion, Xochitl.Datememe has many members on the Internet so finding singles is fast and straight forward.I admit to trepidation around unstable-seeming types, but they usually turn out to have ants crawling up their pant legs or something.My original intention upon obtaining my second majority was to settle in Panamà, because I was born here – and acquired more names than Trickster Coyote before I was even a year old – but that is another story.

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