Outlook 2016 folders not updating wife dating sloppy seconds

I never got around to being able to type any messages since it took so long to load a new mail message. -- Milly Staples [MVP - Outlook] Post all replies to the group to keep the discussion intact.

All unsolicited mail sent to my personal account will be deleted without reading.

W ** (11 s) ---This | should give you an idea of the frequency and duration.

Maybe if I | type some more we can obtain a good third measurement.

"DABrown CA" wrote: Do you have Windows Desktop Search 3.0 installed? Use Task Manager to see if it is running and how much RAM it is taking up.

I had problems with it on another machine and had to uninstall and reinstall to fix the long Window load times (30 seconds to a minute to switch windows) but it works fine now.

| often does not.

I’m using i Cloud with Outlook to synch my Contacts and Calendar with my i Phone and i Pad.

This all worked without any issues until I upgraded to Windows 10.

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When I try to open my Contacts or Calendar folder, I now get the error: Older versions of i Cloud (version 4.1 and previous) have some compatibility issues with Windows 10 and sadly also affects Outlook functionality.i Cloud version 5.0 added support for Windows 10 and i Cloud version 5.1 added support for Outlook 2016 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

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