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For me, I thought the modern, new age, we’re all equal, is what I wanted; that is until I first went to the Philippines. I have mentioned a couple of times that Janet was promoted at her job and I am very proud of her.I found that I liked women who wanted to look good to attract men. I liked the family dynamic and the slightly conservative culture, which was inconsistent with my political or social views. The other day at work one of her superiors walked by her with a quick order for her to instruct her employees to improve their attitude towards customers “or else”. Janet was infuriated by his condescending and threatening tone toward her.But since the book is not yet here, I decided to write yet another blog piece on online dating, but this time I am going to target it toward those guys who are looking to find the fun girl, the sketchy girl, the bad girl, since obvious that’s what so many guys must really want.So, based on some conversations with Westerners who consistently are drawn to the dark side, here are my tips on how to find a really, really bad (though probably a really, really fun) Filipina. Yes, it is true that you could meet your dream bad girl in church, but the odds aren’t good and the local priest might be a poor source for referrals. These girls may talk flirty but they are too busy studying and working 60 hours a week putting themselves through school to give you what you truly desire.Needless to say, my tongue is placed firmly in my cheek. Of course, Janet did have a good friend in school who managed to work, graduate, and sleep with everyone in pants.Janet was never sure where she found the time to do it all.

Avoid mall clerks: Many very attractive girls work in the malls.

You are in the Philippines for a week or two and your goal is to – well, “experience” as much of the culture as you can.

So, do you really have time to travel hours to the provinces in hot buses with sweaty passengers?

I get it – it’s a stereotype – the docile Asian woman.

It gets particularly tricky since the word submissive has multiple connotations, one or two of which are kind of fun.

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  1. Examples of these are: • Negative • Pushy • Impatient • Rude • Loud • Bored • Lonely • Desperate Examples of poor username combinations are: • Single4Ever – Indicates the person has no hope. • Gr8t In Bed – Must be compensating for something. Examples of fun usernames are: • Sensible Shopper – Here’s a woman who can balance a check book.