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This is true of my friend’s male roommate – he has a fixed date in mind by which he’s going to seek a surrogate if he can’t find a mate because yes, techies are planners.

California’s legal regime is a third reason why surrogacy is growing.

These couples have the easiest time finding a surrogate.

Those who have the hardest time are the remaining 10%, a smattering of single, heterosexual men who want to have their own child.

But I admit that even I was surprised by how quickly surrogacy has come to be seen as a viable path to procreation. The first legal, compensated surrogacy arrangements began in America in the 1980s but remained stigmatised and uncommon.

According to the Centre for Disease Control, in 2015 surrogacy accounted for only 3% of babies conceived in America through In the Bay Area, there is now a “seemingly sudden explosion of demand” for surrogacy, says Tammy Sun, who runs a software startup focused on fertility called Carrot.

This September, they will engage in that quintessential parenting ritual: a mad dash to the hospital and the return home with their newborn.

It’s for this reason that my friend who’s having a child by surrogate in September is telling so few people about it.

I’ve heard that some women who use surrogates go as far as to fake pregnancy, staying indoors or even wearing a plastic pregnancy belly.

One is that surrogacy is extremely expensive, and people in the tech community can afford it.

High-profile examples of people who have gone public about their use of surrogates include Marc Andreessen, a prominent venture capitalist, and his wife Laura. The Bay Area is entrepreneurial, and people are generally happy to go off script to attain what they want.

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Many surrogates are married and “it just seems too intimate to get involved with a hetero man” as a client, Lister tells me.

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