Neighbor and dating

My friend…let's call her Jane…has a dating dilemma that is so cute and funny and…unusual. Catch up, here.) Let's get right down to it: Jane is a single mom, beautiful, mid-thirties, and lives in San Francisco, where the nights are warm and sultry right now.

Darla kissed him trying to keep his mind occupied on her rather than her wet thong. Matt's fingers had reached the wet patch of her thong. Darla laid her head back on the blanket as she listened to her husband. The next thing Darla felt was Matt sucking on her fingers. Mat had taken his other hand and was starting to strip off his clothes. Matt was starring into her eyes with that look like he was going to say something and he did. His cock shrunk and went limp as it fell out of her pussy. He leaned down a little further knowing he had to work fast. Matt held the little thong next to his nose feeling the wetness as he stroked his cock faster.

They met across the fence a few months ago and struck up a slow friendship.

He watched her cats while she traveled for business; she watered his plants when he was on vacation.

So, I decided, with her permission (and a few identifying details changed), to share my pal's situation with you all. She'll pour a glass of wine, put a record on, and watch the sun fade over the horizon.

And, she also watches for the light in her neighbor's window—ahem, her handsome Scottish neighbor's window.

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Darla eased the sliding door open and stepped into the kitchen. " Darla hoped he wouldn't ask if she fucked Rex again today as she replied. "You should have fucked him this morning." Darla's body got all tingly. He slowly lifted the material until her boobs were exposed. Matt gave her another kiss well he squeezed one of her breasts. Darla starred down at Matt while he dropped to his knees worshiping her like a goddess. Matt slowly worked his head up and near her crotch smelling the aroma of her freshly fucked pussy. He kept moving in and out and looked down every so often to watch his cock move between her pussy lips. She gently pushed her tongue into his mouth than hugged his neck. You can lick me later and make me cum." Matt listened as she took a shower.

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