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Pietro Boselli (26) is a lecturer at University College London after completing his Ph D in chemical engineering, but has been modelling since the age of six.

He shot to internet stardom last month when one eager student shared his photo on Instagram, labelling him the 'world's hottest maths teacher' and has said that his good looks have held him back in his career.

I recognise that I'm genetically blesses and I know that can open doors for me. Thankfully, we are moving on from the questionable, trickle-down influences of 'hipster' chic - the utterly misguided notion that a pair of designer trainers costing half a month's salary could propel closet relics...

Meadhbh Mc Grath Once the temperatures start to drop, it can be tempting to embrace the urge to wrap up.

Allied to this, it also provides a context for understanding the challenges male teachers face on a continuous basis.

This article is published as part of a thematic collection on gender studies.

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He said that during his undergraduate studies, he left his long-term modelling agency in a bid to be taken seriously."I was so scared of being undermined or taken less seriously than other students when at university that I kept my modelling career under wraps," he explained."I cancelled my contract with the agency, took my pictures offline and erased my modelling experience from my CV." But it's not just in the professional sphere that he is objectified (referencing one student who asked how he got his biceps after a lecture), but in his personal relationships as well.A model is just that, a model of a human being and nothing more. They have no personality, no feelings, no intelligence, no soul. Date a woman who teaches because no one ever is more passionate, than a girl who teaches.

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