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Whether you use Ltpa Token or Ltpa Token2 is up to you. 4.6 If you require outgoing requests from the Domino server to an on-premises Microsoft Exchange server or to Microsoft Office 365 to be proxied this is configured using servlets.properties.

The following parameters are available to support HTTP proxying: Below is an example of adding a proxy host (proxy.example.com) on port 8080 to the configuration: servlet.ontimegcex.code=com.

This document describes how API logging is enabled from the client.

Opening the Web client is done through the Client database e.g. open To Enable API logging from the client append debug=1 to the url as follows:

4.0 Enabling API logging enables On Time support to see what traffic is being sent between the On Time Group Calendar clients (or API) and the On Time Group Calendar server.

API logging may be enabled from the On Time Group Calendar client to from the server.

On Time GCExservlet.Args=Proxy Host=proxy.example.com, Proxy Port=8080By default the On Time Group Calendar Administration task ("admin") runs every night at 2am on the On Time Group Calendar Administration Server.

The admin-task can also be initiated on demand from the On Time Group Calendar Config database or from the Domino Server console using "tell ontimegc admin".

On Time Group Calendar is fault tolerant and support clustering on Domino but please note that not all databases in the On Time Group Calendar installation should be clustered.

To enable the multi-domain option the administrator would perform the following steps: The logs are cleaned up as part of the clean-up process that runs automatically at 2am.

If you want to run the log clean up on request issue the below command from the Domino Server console.

open&debug=1 To enable API logging from the On Time Group Calendar Notes client open the client and open the "On Time" from the top menu, select the "Help" submenu and then "Enable API Log".

API logging is enabled until explicitly disabled or the Notes client is restarted.

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