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Notable losses include Oscar-winner and former Mrs. Alex also showed off his skills on various BBC and PBS nature programs on television, and appeared with Alan Alda on the PBS series Look Who’s Talking. Army during World War II, and worked in counterintelligence in Paris after the war.

The Hollywood firmament was further dimmed by the loss of such stars as Oscar-winner Miyoshi Umeki, George Grizzard, Janet Blair, Jean-Claude Brialy, Percy Rodrigues, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Laura Devon, Calvin Lockhart, Mala Powers, Ian Richardson, Moira Lister, and Eleonora Rossi Drago. Allen served as a fashion consultant for the 1966 film Kaleidoscope and, credited as Marit Lieberson, designed Julie Christie’s wardrobe for Nicholas Roeg’s 1973 film Don’t Look Now.Special thanks also go to my sister, Nikki Walker, and to Bob King at Classic Images for granting permission to use information from my columns. Encyclopedia of Television Series, Pilots and Specials, 1937–1973. Alex, whose name was an acronym for Avian Learning Experiment, was purchased from a pet store by animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg in 1973.Also, thanks to Rosa Burnett and the staff at State Technical Institute library, Tom Weaver, Fred Davis, Forrest J Ackerman, John Beifuss, Ray Neilson, John Whyborn, Boyd Magers, Larry Tauber, Andrew “Captain Comics” Smith, Jimmy Walker, Tony Pruitt, Greg Bridges, Bobby Mathews, Kent Nelson, George and Leona Alsup, Betty Alsup, Toni Cerritto, Dale Warren, Andrew Clark, Aarin Prichard, Dr. He initially resided at the University of Arizona, later at Harvard and finally at Brandeis University.Whipple steamed when customers squeezed his Charmin, also passed on. The second book in the series, The Black Cauldron (1965), earned Alexander a Newbery Honor, and both were adapted for the 4 1985 animated film The Black Cauldron.Two of America’s greatest literary figures, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., and Norman Mailer, are found within these pages, as is popular novelist and I Dream of Jeannie creator Sidney Sheldon. Subsequent books in the series included The Castle of Llyr (1966), Taran Wanderer (1967), The High King (1968) which won the Newbery Medal, and The Foundling and Other Tales from Prydain (1970).

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The literary father of Rosemary’s Baby, Ira Levin, and The Mephisto Waltz’s author, Fred Mustard Stewart, departed the mortal plane along with televangelists Tammy Faye Bakker, Jerry Falwell, and Rex Humbard. He also penned The Westmark Trilog y, which included Westmark (1981), The Kestrel (1982), and The Beggar Queen (1984), and The Vesper Holly Series, consisting of The Illyrian Adventure (1986), The El Dorado Adventure (1987), The Drackenderg Adventure (1988), The Jedera Adventure (1989), The Philadelphia Adventure (1990), and The Xanadu Adventure (2005).

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