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I almost wonder if he's using it as an excuse to cut contact so he doesn't have to tell you the real reason.I dunno, it can kinda smack of clingyness if it's a frequent occurrence, and if not an unusual call late at night might make me worry that something had happened (which would then make me mildly peeved to find out that nothing was wrong and you'd gotten me worked up over nothing).TLDR; I'm getting my emotions too wrapped in someone, who probably hasn't even thought anything is wrong in our relationship. I doubt it would be a problem with people who are more prone to night owl patterns.Perhaps, I need more hobbies, so I don't read into his texts so much. Drunk dialing people you've been dating for a short time is usually a poor idea no matter when it happens.Neither of those seem like something big enough to make me hold a grudge over though. I would suspect he just isn't that into you and that might have been the straw the broke the camel's back that made him realize it.Even if that's the case and a termination of the relationship is forthcoming, I doubt it was really the phone call alone that did it.

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  1. Cohen also asked about signs that a date wasn’t interested or attracted during a first date, and women noted six signs, including discussing exes, waving goodbye instead of hugging or kissing goodbye, not initiating contact after the date. They listed no behaviors to indicate a woman might not be interested.