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Many scenes from the book's second half, with Nick and Norah fumbling through one-on-one relating, aren't particularly cinematic (though they worked well enough in Before Sunrise, an obvious ancestor of the novel), and the movie, to its credit, does give the characters some room to breathe; their relationship isn't all crammed into montages.

The young actors quip, talk over each other, and spend an inordinate amount of time explaining which sets, kisses, slapstick, driving scenes, vomit, et cetera, aren't real.

A good deal of this honesty (and, in fake band construction, creativity) can be attributed to the source material, a young-adult novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.

The film version thankfully must jettison passages of Levithan's strem-of-consciousness overwriting -- Cera gets us into Nick's head with less fuss -- but also loses a little of the authors' flair for the halting, nervous rhythms of young love.

, a band that announces gigs via cryptic clues and sometimes ditches its fans with a less-loved act called Are You Randy?

The movie depicts musical obsession with offhand ease; it's not really about playing music or loving a band -- it's not an indie Almost Famous -- but it understands those feelings.

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[gates of pop culture hell have been flung open today, but we're going to fend off Cerberus (he's been barking outside Defamer HQ all morning, and with three heads, it's a little noisy) until we get our movie, dammit!

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