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The assessment properly begins when they call your name in the waiting room.At this point they assess:- Did you hear your name being called Did you rise from your chair unaided, did the chair have arms or not Were you accompanied – this addresses you’re ability to go out alone.

Courageous Scottish nurse Joyce Drummond, who made a heartfelt apology to Atos assessment victims, has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament Select Committee on Welfare Reform.The forms that are completed prior to assessment, I have recently found out, are opened by Royal Mail Staff.They are then sent for “scrutiny” where nurses decide whether or not a face to face assessment is required.How did you get here today- ability to drive, use public transport. The HCP will use lack of specialist input/ hospital admissions to justify assessing your condition as less severe.Assessment begins by listing medical conditions/complaints. For each complaint you will be asked:- How long have you had it, have you seen a specialist Have you had any tests, what treatments have you had What’s your current treatment. Medications will be listed and it will be noted if they prescribed or bought.

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Dates will be checked on boxes to assess compliance with dosage and treatment regime. A brief note is made of how you feel each condition affects your life A brief social history will be taken – who you live with, if have you stairs in your house or outside to your house.

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